London group - Your progress is our goal

London Group, one of the most diversified and fast growing company in the UAE, was founded in 1992 by Sefalye Begum Seema (Founder & Chairman), with the establishment of the London Group in Dubai & Sharjah United Arab Emirates.

Today, the London Group of Companies is a well reputed entity, which has carved a niche for itself by bringing in a number of world leading products into the UAE market to meet its volatile demands.



Chairman’s Message:

We are all aware of the world’s continuous difficulties in the market and economy status nowadays. All of us have experience fading of client allegiance, soaring prospects or opportunities and crowded competitors.  In relation to such instability, one measure of success in the flexibility of a company is maintaining an aggressive edge over the competition through significance of service and money. Most importantly, it goes from paying attention to customer’s demands and partners, adhering to our principles.