about us

London Group, one of the most diversified and fast growing company in the UAE, was founded in 1992 by Sefalye Begum Seema (Founder & Chairman), with the establishment of the London Group in Dubai & Sharjah United Arab Emirates.

Today, the London Group of Companies is a well reputed entity, which has carved a niche for itself by bringing in a number of world leading products into the UAE market to meet its volatile demands. Apart from one of the Best & largest overseas recruitment &  HR consultant agency in the UAE , the group has established a name in various other activities like project contracting, contractual cleaning & maintenance services, Trading (PPE) and sponsorship.

We take pride in our successful accomplishment and in satisfaction of our clients and we regard our clients as our most valuable asset. All business activities and clientele relations are conducted in a professional and punctual manner with great importance given to LG’s intangible values that are defined as integrity, transparency and trust. As a group that has come a long way without compromising its moral values and ethical standards, LG has vowed to never allow its achievements to unwind its devotion to constantly being customer-focused.